Here you will find the materials from the workshops as well as other resources about the topic. Check out the toolkits, documents and presentations in the links below along with their translations (all translations will be available soon)

Guides: How to organise a Move it forward+

We provide our Guides in 5 different languages, to support you with the organisation of your Move it forward+ event.


Helpful documents

You can find a variety of printable material here:

Guides: How to organise mentoring sessions

You will find here all the resources related to the organisation of mentoring sessions linked to your Move it foward+ event.

(Versions: RO – FRLTHR)

Annexe n°1: Impact and assessment of women programmes and events supporting women in entrepreneurship. (Versions: RO – FR – LT – HR)

If you are working with one mentee: Annexe n°2 – Mentor’s portfolio (ROFRLT – HR) & Mentee’s portfolio (ROFRLT – HR)

If you are working with several mentees on one project: Annexe n°3: Project Workbook (translations to be uploaded soon!)


You can find additional and printable materials here:

(Versions: ROFRLTHR)

(Versions: ROFRLTHR)